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RSR 146: War Master/Unholy Grave - LP -

Image of RSR 146: War Master/Unholy Grave - LP  -

11.00 - On Sale

RSR 146: War Master/Unholy Grave split LP: War Master taking their name from a Bolt Thrower song, the band might be expected to sound like that but the truth is more nuanced. These 2 new tracks of War Master drop back from their smoothly integrated style for a rougher, catchier and more swedish death metal version of their sound. War Master also rely heavily on the bounding riffs of the first couple Entombed and Grave releases, producing an urgent and jubilantly violent sound. On the flipside japanese Unholy Grave who ever true to form blurt out their logic defying twirls of old-school Grindcore entertainment in complete excess: their standard madman howls, riveting angular riffs and tremoring blasts, all lifted straight from a rehearsal recording giving in that coarse edge the band.

black vinyl edition

Shipment not before End of August. Please don't ask before such questions: Where is package, did you sent it...?