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Pick Your Side - limited package - 15 handmade only!

Image of Pick Your Side - limited package - 15 handmade only!

100.00 - On Sale

After releasing the impressive debut 7 inch Survival Prayer last year I've been waiting to hear more from Pick Your Side, a crushing hardcore band featuring Jeff Beckman (vocalist for Haymaker and guitarist for Left For Dead among other notable bands) and also featuring members of metal/grind stalwarts Fuck The Facts. There are faster straightforward hardcore/powerviolence songs that bring to mind the aforementioned singer's previous band Haymaker, a few more metallic/melodic songs with a crusty influence coming forward, and also a few ridiculously heavy slower songs usually built around a single crushing riff. It's clear from the top notch performance on this record that Beckman's time away from fronting a band hasn't caused him to miss a beat and he sounds better then ever. All fans of hardcore/grind/powerviolence owe it to themselves to check out this out ASAP.
5 new tracks + NEIL YOUNG cover.

Consisting of:

- Pick Your Side CD
- Pick Your Side live tape
- Pick Your Side sticker
- Pick Your Side button
- Pick Your Side patch
- Pick Your Side "Snake and ladder" 7" + flexi 7" limited version
- Testpress of "Snake and ladder" 7" + flexi 7"
- "Snake and ladder" 7" + flexi 7"
- Missprint version of flexi 7" and extra cover
in a handmade wood box

strong handmade of 15 copies!