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RSR 199: Sadist - Shadow of the Swastika - LP special edition lim #75

16.00 - On Sale

Limited screenprint cover /75

RSR 199: Sadist - Lp - : Horryfying and violent noisy d-beat hardcore punk act from Boston with members of G.A.S.H., Video Filth, Aspects of War, Human Bodies. To me its kind of mixture between anarchist/anti-war ideology of Crass, live violent actions of singer Ghost in the vein of GISM, industrial/harsh noise parts by Bombings and all these injected into good overfuzzed d-beat punk! This stuff is intense and forceful with buzzing riffs, thumping percussion and ferocious vocal howls. The LP is including their demo and their following 7" which was remastered by Jack Control. Enjoy it! incl OBI

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