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Weekend Nachos - 200 limited Tour Tape 2016 -

Image of Weekend Nachos - 200 limited Tour Tape 2016 -

6.00 - On Sale

RSR 079.5: Weekend Nachos - Punish and Destroy - Tape: The newest release from Weekend Nachos, Punish and Destroy is 26 tracks of fucking fast, brutal, straight edge Power Violence Hardcore. They take the raw thrash of bands like INFEST and LACK OF INTEREST and throw in the doom and sludge of EYEHATEGOD to create an ugly mix of hardcore and metal. Tape includes the Torture e.p. from these suburban Chicago Power Violence worshippers as well. Completely jock-free power-violence. 200 limited dedicated to last tour of the Nachos.

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Shipment will be around 4-6 weeks, so please don't ask where is my order.